After the wall

So, let’s say that we build the wall. What then?

Does anyone think that it’ll stop 100% of the people who want to sneak into our country from doing so?

No…I don’t think anyone thinks that.

So, what have we done? Like, what’s life like on the ground around the wall? What kind of environment have we created?

Let’s take a moment to consider this and see where that thought might lead us…

The wall is complete. Everywhere feasible there is a 15’ high (or 20’ or 73’ or whatever) wall. There are frequent patrols, by both legal and illegal citizens, all of whom are armed. Many of them shoot as a first reaction to a fly, let alone something larger and moving on the ground.

And drones. There are drones all over the effing place, and who knows which of those are legal or not or armed or not (and, if so, with what?).

And yet…no one will deny there will still be this draw to come here, because we at least promise that your life can suck less here. There is at least a pretense of justice, even though that might get pretty thin at times. At least, mostly, the gangs aren’t everywhere.

So, we have created a situation in which there is a blockage between a goal and a population that wants to go there. What does nature do in these situations?

We know this. We know the end of this story.

Stopping the flow of that population is going to be like stopping the Pacific Ocean. It will find ways around the blockage, and(and this is a really important “and”), some of that population will make it through. We already agreed to that way back at the beginning.

Who? Who will make it through?

You already know the answer: the biggest, baddest, meanest, smartest, bravest, quickest, mothers in that desert.

That’s who. They will be the ones that make it. Here. There. Wherever you are.

You think we have “bad hombres” now? Hunh. Just wait.

Put up the wall and wait. We’ll have created a situation in which only the strong survive. And they will. And they will come here. And they’ll be pissed.

Remind me…this wall is supposed to make us safer?

Storyteller, seeker, always curious, work-in-progress

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