Hi Claire,

Well, there is so much to comment on here, I’m not sure where to start. First off, thanks for the response. I think you’re getting this kind of response to your piece is rather declarative, which makes it sound like you’re speaking with (at least) some authority and much of what you are describing is very personal and differs a lot in scope across people.

There is too much for me to comment on in your reply to say it all here, and for instance here’s one comment I would make: in your piece you use the phrase “hanging on” to imply “wait until it resolves.” But…there is *no* resolution, or getting “well,” for me — I think I’ll be dealing with this my whole life — there is only finding ways to not let it be dominant.

I have another piece up on depression here https://medium.com/@argosan/depression-is-like-living-on-jupiter-9f8faae52b0e?source=friends_link&sk=634308a274bbc3752774d08f1357fd26

It’s not about so much how I deal with it, but how it feels to me. And, I like your idea. I’ll get another piece written on my answer because I feel like I am lucky enough to found a set of practices that help me deal.

For me, this involves most of the classical stuff they talk about with depression, exercise, sleep, nutrition. I also add medication (Effexor), cannabis, and meditation.

Through the meditation especially, I have learned to take an observer’s position inside my own head/heart/whatever, where I can watch most of my emotions (and thoughts) play out, rather than have them be in the driver's seat. That turned out to be the key piece for me; once I could stand back and watch the depression happen, it stopped being one of the major forces inside me.

And, yes, some of finding the answer was keeping working through the medication whack-a-mole that most depressives go through and all the rest of the alleviating elements one can try. Finding one’s “cure” is a very complex equation so, yes, I do also consider that I was lucky to find the right set of tools for me to live a better life. “Luck favors the prepared,” so, yes, finding my answer was indeed partly due to my working it and partly brought together by luck.

I see the world as non-binary (I’ll be writing about that soon), so I don’t think it has to be luck or persistence but has to be a combination of both.

Thanks again for the response!

Storyteller, seeker, always curious, work-in-progress

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