Nice. The other problem seems to me that "addiction" doesn't really have a good definition. Most of the people in treatment or the treatment industry have a very binary view of addition. You are or are not an addict and, if you are, everyone gets the same treatment.

No other disease gets treated like that (or, very few anyway).

Total lack of nuance in understanding addicts and addictions. The universe just doesn't work that binarily. There are spectrums of addiction (and not-addicted) from total abstinence to hard core.

When was snorting coke we had a saying, "When you snort coke you're a coke addict."

I have come to believe that is true for many, many people and substances (or experiences, like gambling).

And I totally agree, the addiction isn't the core problem. A man in my men's group celebrated 30 years sober while he was in the group. But his internal experience was still very much of an addict. So...was he "cured"?

He wasn't drinking, sure didn't look "cured" to me.

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