I completely agree that the tactics used by the most visible anti-abortionists can be vile in the extreme. Shooting doctors…come on. We (supposedly) are past the Salem witch hunts. Blocking clinics, making fake clinics; it’s all awful, I agree.

And…and…(I just recently came to understand this); they feel they are justified as they are protecting the sanctity of life. I get it. And, deep in my emotional wisdom, I find some truth there and I understand it. There is something magical and profound about the meeting of egg and sperm; the creation of new possibilities, new life (and soul, or whatever you want to call it), a new fist flying in the face of the randomness of the world (procreation is, I think, one of the few anti-entropic forces in the universe).

And, by the time we’ve reached that magical event, it’s too late. The genie is out of the bottle, so to speak. The best time to intervene is before that happens.

That requires men to be not-troglodytes, at the very minimum. Something that appears to be hard for a lot of men or, maybe, for most men at certain times. (God knows, on occasion, it’s certainly been true for me!)

Intervening before that magic moment would also require that both men and women be responsible. It’s inescapable that both genders need to be part of the solution.

Finally, my perspective here is that the argument itself is harming the very women it’s supposed to help. Not to mention everything from the zygote forward — it’s (potentially) deathly for them.

I propose that the best outcome of this whole mishigas is that there are zero abortions because there are zero unwanted pregnancies. *

Wouldn’t that make everyone feel better?

* And, yes, yes, serious medical situations are a different conversation and wouldn’t apply here.

Storyteller, seeker, always curious, work-in-progress

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