Medium folks, I have been a marketer and branding specialist for over 30 years and what you are doing is completely undermines the brand promise you have created and absolutely unconscionable; it limits my access to publications and writers beyond the purview of the majors. I consider this to be violating the terms of our agreement and, as someone who PAYS YOU MONEY EVERY MONTH, I’d hope you care about that. If I want NYT I can always get it, and Netvibes can curate exactly what I want. If all you’re doing is curating the majors then, a) I don’t need you anymore, b) you are violating one of the load-bearing pillars of your brand, and c) you are breaking the trust you’ve created with all of your customers (both paying and not).

Doing this is undemocratizing what you have so wonderfully promised to democratize. And you’ll be putting a strip mall where there was an oasis.

It puts you in the same trust category as fb which, I am pretty sure and am really hoping, is not where you want to be.

Dinah is right. And, this looks a lot like the first step down a slippery slope that ends with you being just another aggregator. Please don’t slowly dilute what has become one of my favorite places on the net.

Medium and Ev Williams, I support publications like Code Like A Girl that are working to amplify the voices of everyday people to inform, teach, and support Medium readers.

Please do not remove the ability of publications to request content.

Please work with publications to make joining publications easy for both writers and publications.

Please work with publications to make it easier for them to communicate with their writers in a way that doesn’t require them to leave your platform.

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