Nice, Zat. I have been thinking about this exact topic a lot recently, and it seems to me that there must be some disconnect between the wisdom gained at the “higher realms” and the day-to-day existence we all live as corporeal beings. It’s kind of a chop-wood-carry-water thing. Anyone placed in those kinds of positions of authority gets tempted beyond what most mere mortals can resist. And maybe that’s part of the lesson; the people further along this path shouldn’t be worshipped. They’re all just humans further along the path and, at some point, we all need to break free of the idol worship and propel ourselves. ?

And, I think that prior to now there has been too little attention paid to the emotional side of the human equation. I don’t think enlightenment (or whatever you want to call being less ego-driven, or ego-less), changes the basic architecture of the emotional landscape. I might be totally off here and, it seems to me, that one doesn’t change the emotions as much as one gets “bigger” than them. At least, that jibes with my experience.

Storyteller, seeker, always curious, work-in-progress

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