No, sorry but you’re just wrong. There are a lot of passive income opportunities out there. But writing is NOT a passive income generator, nor is starting a business as an entrepreneur, nor is owning rental property if you manage it yourself. Nor is any kind of technology business, as the whole tech world just changes too fast — even “evergreen” products need to be updated, and someone has to do that. Pretty much everything here on Medium has the wrong take on passive income; snapping pictures with your phone and selling the shots as stock photography is NOT passive income, for instance (yes, there is an article about there here). Linda Caroll has a really good example; her quilt patterns don’t change, so as long as her delivery mechanism works, all is fine and she can promote it more to make more money (fairly passive). Any business where you are the means of production is not passive. Not having a 9–5 doesn’t mean you’re generating passive income. Writing on a beach (pina coladas or not) is NOT generating passive income. And anyone who wants to just sit on a beach drinking pina coladas for the rest of their lives isn’t smart, they were either born so rich that they don’t have to care or they are actually depressed and wanting to disconnect from the world or both. Sorry for the length! Once I got started…

Storyteller, seeker, always curious, work-in-progress

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