We Can Stop Abortions Tomorrow

Yes we could. And it would end the struggle that is tearing this country apart and threatening the lives and health and sanity of thousands of people every year.

The situation now has gotten into a seriously polemic argument with both sides being more interested in proving they are right than actually helping the poor women they both claim to want to protect. Just read the descriptions of women who, in order to get an abortion, have had to run the gauntlet of both “pro” camps (-choice and -life). Those women generally report that both sides caused them acute grief.

Both sides: you are causing incredible harm to some of the most vulnerable, scared, and isolated women in this country. These women need care and empathy. They don’t care about your effing political stance, morality, political perspective, or your religion. They need help, not a tirade.

Shame on all of you. Turning these women into political footballs is the worst sort of manipulation and self-interested bs.

Those women are the true victims of this horrid argument. As are all women who live in this social environment in which a pregnancy can become a tragedy.

As long as both sides are mindlessly having the argument and abusing women (yes, pro-choicers, deal with it: You’re abusing women, too) rather than actually searching for a solution, nothing will change. This goes on forever.

Is there a solution? Yes, I believe so.

First, you have to start talking about the right thing, and this is where both “pro-lifers” (an entirely disingenuous name; more on that in a minute) and “pro-choicers” (slightly better) keep pushing each other, and everyone else, into the wrong argument.

The real subject is: unwanted pregnancy.

If we stopped unwanted pregnancies, we’d immediately stop needing abortions. Done. Poof! Gone.

The problem — and, blessedly, the argument — would be entirely over. And women suddenly don’t have to live with this hanging over their heads every day.

How do you do that? First men have to stop being pigs (right women?). One of the main problems with the abortion debate is that it seems to totally forget that women don’t get pregnant by themselves and completely eliminates the man from the conversation.

In Alabama, the new law incarcerates the doctor who performed the abortion and the woman with the unwanted pregnancy. Where’s the man? Why isn’t HE included in the law? Wasn’t it HIS sperm that caused the unwanted pregnancy in the first place? Why isn’t HE being hunted down and incarcerated, too?

Nobody, on either side of the equation, seems to be talking about that. Why is that?

Just imagine the difference if both sides suddenly put all of their impressive energies and creativity into solving the REAL problem; it’d be over in a few years.

Because, again, eliminating unwanted pregnancies mostly ends the need for abortions.

How would we do that?

I don’t know.

And, I DO know that if both sides and the politicians and big business that are driving this insane situation sat down and actually started having rational conversations, we’d find one pretty shortly.

If we start tomorrow, it’ll be over all the sooner. Isn’t that what we all really want? Eliminate the need for Roe and the whole argument, and all the associated insanity ends.

Isn’t that what we all want?

Weaponized words
Language is one of the main parts of this argument. And the masters of disingenuous language are using to manipulate all the rest of us.

“Pro-life”? I understand what they mean by that; the sanctity of the creation of life from its earliest moments. I agree. But the term is a manipulative lie. And it’s so obviously so. If you are really pro-life, why are you so unconcerned with the life of the women with the unwanted pregnancy? Whether her life is in danger, threatened, or not, isn’t the very fact of having an unwanted pregnancy traumatic enough for you?

Let’s be clear: your side is NOT “pro-life.” Your side is anti-abortion. Calling it anything else is just political-marketing spin. If your anti-abortion argument isn’t appealing to most Americans, then dressing it up in disingenuous language is like giving somebody a broken, regifted toy, and wrapping it in fancy paper.

The toy is still shitty. And no amount of fancy paper is going to hide that.

Wrapping Up

Keep Fathers responsible and in the conversation. If men are held equally responsible for abortions, things will change faster.

Both sides are actively hurting the most vulnerable and scared women. Stop it!

Stop arguing and start finding solutions! If all the money, energy, and creativity that you’re now spending on fighting went to solving, we’d be done with this insidious argument, and none of us would ever again have to hear about any doctors being killed for doing their jobs.

Storyteller, seeker, always curious, work-in-progress

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