We’re All Broken And Will Never Heal

Maybe we don’t have to, maybe there’s a better way

Photo by Trym Nilsen on Unsplash

The state we get in when we meditate

The not-quite-sleep state

Or the mostly sleep state

Or, perhaps, even the sleep state (presuming that mediation-sleep is different than sleep-sleep, which is my experience)

We/some call it unconsciousness or semi-consciousness

I don’t think so

I think it’s a lie our egos tell us

I think it’s, if anything, hyperconscious

More connected to whatever-you-want-to-call-it (the divine, god, the universe…)

It’s not UNconscious

It’s egoless (or, ego-reduced) consciousness

All of our individual egos and whatever group ego there might be have a HUGE stake in us not believing this

Our ego carries our sense of self, our traumas, our fears, and our survival instincts

Through chance of birth, it arrived broken

And many people (me certainly) spend a lot of their lives trying to fix it, to heal themselves

Maybe that’s the wrong approach

Maybe there is no healing from genetically carried trauma

Maybe there is no healing from trauma

Maybe there is no healing, ever

Maybe we don’t have to

Maybe all we have to do is get bigger than it

Stop spending time trying to fix and start spending time actually building

To grow bigger than your broken, grow beyond it

Maybe what the broken really needs, maybe all it needs, is more room

And maybe

Just maybe

The REAL us is out there

Just waiting for us to arrive

Broken bits and all

Storyteller, seeker, always curious, work-in-progress

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