Why give up such a good tool?

I disagree completely. The folks at Evernote have created a lovely, elegant way for us to use multidimensional searching to simplify our lives, yet you are advocating eliminating one of the dimensions entirely (!). Would you also advocate eliminating height, width, or depth? I don’t think so.

By using a combination of notebooks AND tags, I am able to do extremely precise searches whilst keeping both my notebook array and tag cloud at a reasonable size and easy-to-use architecture.

I run a marketing and branding agency in the Bay Area, CA. I have multiple clients with multiple projects happening simultaneously. I keep all client notes in a unique folder, so it’s easy to look at all client activity at once. I use the tags to describe the type of job we’re doing for each client, so I can look at (for instance) all web site jobs simultaneously. If I tried to do this all with tags, my Evernote “desktop” would be a mess and not enable me to see, just by looking at the desktop, what clients are active at any given time.

I don’t understand why you would take such an elegant tool and dismissively say “half of this is useless!” Ultimately it would make the tool much less useful and harder to use. The combined use of notebooks and tags means I can quickly go from an extremely high-level look at things to an extremely granular one with almost no effort. When they’ve given us multidimensional searching, why would you toss out one of the dimensions?

Sorry, but to me this makes no sense.

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