XLarge Hug attached to this message. Whomever it is you look to and want them to be proud of you…they are right now. Any early wins I may have had here are largely due to you. Take it from a Cranky Old Man (COM…?), you’re great. You have a 5-figure following because you provide all of us value. You are a shining banner for the potential of authenticity. You are grabbing the attention of tens of thousands of people, against the likes of effing CNN and NBC (!).

All while being (I am sure) a wonderful mother. I can tell you’re a wonderful mother, even from here, because only wonderful mothers worry about not being one. And, add the fact that you’ve got the (insert your favorite anatomical reference here) to say it in public. What a great model you’re providing your daughter.

And to say it well enough to attract a paying audience.

I have worked with a lot of creatives over the past 25 years. Most of us have at least some twisty bits and some of us have Mobius strips and I think that writers get it especially hard. I’m open to the question of my bias on this.

And…AND…you’re a warrior on the front of destigmatizing mental health issues. Effing Bravo, Madam!!

Finally, I have a request: would you please stop questioning your value? I know that some days our rears get kicked by our weird brain chemistry, so those days whatever…and (there’s that word again), imho, your honesty, integrity, bravery, are bright examples of the good that digital media can bring to the world, that tens of thousands of us get to hear your voice.

You are bringing more light into the world. You are taking all that doubt and guilt and making them your breeches by using them in your chorus (writing) and including us in your narrative. Storytellers give something special.

It’s awesome. It’s honorable.

Thank You.

PS: Guilt comes with parenthood. I can tell you, from a bit further down the road, it generally comes out all right in the end.

Storyteller, seeker, always curious, work-in-progress

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